Herbal Remedies or Voodoo Magic?

A lot of people think herbal medicine is a whole lot of hocus pocus, voodoo magic that doesn’t really work. Or maybe even a colorful lie to scam people out of their money. But it’s not! In fact herbal remedies are the foundation for modern pharmacology. As science has grown countless herbal remedies have been proven true remedies, not just a scam.

Herbal remedies have been around for a long time, even longer than writing and agriculture. In fact, every culture practices some form of herbal medicine. Modern science has been trying to isolate the many compounds in herbal remedies for years, since the 1880’s but the list is almost impossible to keep track of.

Herbal vs. Pharmaceutical?

Unlike modern pharmaceuticals herbal remedies are meant to treat the core illness, not just the symptoms, and they’re made of plants and herbs found in nature. Actually many conventional medicines originally come from plants but they’ve been manufactured and processed so much that their chemical content is very high. This leads to many different side effects and can be more harm for your body than good. Herbal remedies however use extracted properties from herbs to support and help the body function at max capacity.

Of course this isn’t saying that herbal remedies don’t come with their own dangers, just like any medicine. Before taking any kind of herbal remedies you should consult with your doctor about the herbs interactions with any proscribed drugs. And some herbal remedies do have side effects if taken in large doses or without properly consulting an expert.


There are tons of different ways to supplement your diet with herbal mixes. Let’s be honest, how many times a week do you eat fast food? Probably more than you should! Well, herbal supplements are the perfect way for you to eat fast food and still get most of the vitamin requirements you need. There are plenty of blends for every need, so you can get the perfect supplement to compliment you.

Different Supplements

A+TestCalmer: This supplement calms the mind and nerves without giving you that fuzzy feeling.

Chikkie Spot Drops: Helps support children’s immune systems while promoting comfort and wellness.

ComfiCoff:Helps ease irritation in the chest and coughs while it promotes a healthy immune system.

Aromatherapy Blends

Ever have one of those really rough days at work and you need something to help you relax? Aromatherapy can be the perfect relaxer. Aromatherapy is a proven mood inducer so you can relax and enjoy your free time. There are dozens of aromatherapy blends out there so you can pick the perfect one to fill your house. There are blends for depression, blends for stress, even blends that are supposed to help build mental resolve.

Different Aromatherapy Blends

Here are a few of my favorite that I use in my day to day life.

Lemon citrus limonum:This blend helps refresh my mind and helps me think a little bit clearer. It also helps with the circulatory system and is great on the skin.

Rosewood aniba roseodora:This one is ideal for students! It stabilizes the emotions and grounds the mind and has a seductive woody aroma.

Ylang ylangcananga odorata: This blend is good for nervousness and stress and it’s great for dry skin

Herbal remedies certainly aren’t for everyone but they’re much more than a scam or voodoo magic, and with the right information can help a person in their day to day life tremendously. Whether it’s calming your nerves before a test or soothing stress from work, herbal remedies can accomplish a lot. So maybe you should consult your doctor and see exactly what kind of supplements would help you; you never know how they might improve your life.